Health Center Finds PACHC CHW/MA Funding Support Impactful

Jun 11, 2024 | Health Center News

Lisa Petro, Director of HR, Cornerstone Care in southwest Pennsylvania, reached out to PACHC to share the impact the funding support for Community Health Worker/Medical Assistant (CHW/MA) training has had at her health center. The funding, intended to address vaccine hesitancy by revitalizing this critical workforce after the pandemic lead to shortages, did what it was intended to do. As a result of the funding, Cornerstone Care is getting ready to graduate its second cohort of students from the training program it offered in partnership with Career Steps. The health center credits the funding for making it possible to launch this workforce initiative that boasts a 100% first try pass rate on the certification exams for all its students to date. Perhaps most importantly, it has improved patient care and access as the health center now has ZERO MA vacancies and three students will be in a “float” pool to assist with vacation coverages, leaves, call-offs, etc. Lisa said, “This was my nirvana for the program.” PACHC has engaged Susquehanna Polling & Research to gather feedback from participating health centers on impact of the funding, implementation, and lessons learned, both to report back to the PA Department of Health and help us secure additional support from other funding sources. Contact Judd Mellinger-Blouch, Director of the PA Primary Care Career Center at PACHC, with questions.