DVCH Celebrates 2022 National Compliance Week!

Nov 11, 2022 | Health Center News

This week, Delaware Valley Community Health, Inc. (DVCH) celebrated its first National Compliance Week, Nov. 7-13, to spread awareness and education about everything compliance. This week also fell during the rollout of mandatory compliance trainings, such as OSHA, HIPAA and cultural competency. A. Scott McNeal, DO, President and CEO, created the department in 2019 to cultivate a culture of compliance throughout the organization to ensure the safety of patients and staff through operating efficiencies. Wearing “I ❤️ Compliance” pins was just the beginning of this weeklong event. The compliance committee’s goal was to include as many staff members as possible in the celebration.  DVCH staff expressed excitement for the week by sporting green (the department’s official color), playing (test your compliance knowledge) Kahoots for Wawa gift cards, and starring in videos shared throughout the organization. The videos highlighted the importance of compliance and what team members thought of when they heard “compliance.”  Brenda Robles Cooke, Sr. VP and Chief Administrative and Compliance Officer, commented that DVCH will continue to grow and improve its compliance department by focusing attention on all departments in their efforts in the coming years. Follow @DVCH_Inc on Instagram for compliance celebration updates. Written by: Nicole Colon, Compliance Manager and Jean Renslow, Compliance Project Coordinator