The Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers (PACHC), the state’s primary care association, supports community health centers in improving health equity and access to high-quality, affordable primary healthcare for all.

As the state primary care association (PCA), the Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers (PACHC) represents and supports the largest network of primary healthcare providers in the commonwealth. This network of health centers includes Community Health Centers (FQHCs and FQHC Look-Alikes), Rural Health Clinics and other like-mission providers that collectively serve more than a million patients annually at 400-plus sites in underserved rural and urban areas throughout Pennsylvania.

Since 1981, PACHC programs and services have supported health centers in their mission to improve access to quality, affordable primary care for all. A Board of Directors composed of Community Health Center chief executive officers governs PACHC. Our staff consists of professionals from various backgrounds that enable us to serve our members.

The following core functions are vital as we support Pennsylvania’s Community Health Centers and continually work to increase the value of membership:


Ensuring health centers are up to date through weekly newsletters, current website content, frequent teleconferences, and social media

Conferences and Education

PACHC facilitates extensive educational trainings with a wide array of healthcare topics for all levels of health center leaders, clinicians, and staff

Financial and Operational Training & Technical Assistance

Supporting health centers to increase access, enhance efficiency, effectiveness and exceptional service and visiting health centers to understand their unique challenges and environments

Furthering the Community Health Center Mission

Working with our members to advance awareness with one voice, to elevate knowledge of community health centers among target audiences

Healthcare Quality

Supporting health centers in maintaining the community health center mission of comprehensive, high-quality primary healthcare within an integrated and patient-centered care model, as well as effectively using data to quantify and benchmark

Legislative, Regulatory and Policy Advocacy

Educating state and federal elected officials and policymakers about the health center mission to ensure continued funding and public support of community health centers

Member Services

Supporting health centers for long-term sustainability as the largest network of primary healthcare providers through networking opportunities, organizational support and business connections with our Corporate Sponsors and PACHC preferred partners

Recruitment and Retention

Connecting primary care providers, healthcare leaders and other staff with employment opportunities at community health centers where health center teams earn a living where their heart is

Annual Report

The Value of Membership: View the magnitude of the return on the investment from your membership with PACHC.

Our annual report is the quantification of the services we provide and work we do to support you in the health center mission of improving access to affordable, quality, comprehensive primary health care. This annual offers a summary of PACHC’s activities during April 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023 fiscal year, featuring our core functions of communications; conferences and education; fiscal and operational T/A; furthering the FQHC brand; healthcare quality; legislative, regulatory and advocacy; member services; and recruitment and retention services.

Send your feedback or report questions to Amanda Tekely.

2023 Annual Report

FQHC Brand and Branding Resources

A unified effort to provide quality, affordable health care for all

FQHCs deliver health care for all by focusing on four core values:

  • Everyone deserves health care
  • Health care must meet the needs of the community
  • Health care must be high quality
  • Health care is patient-centered and team-based

Federally Qualified Health Centers or Community Health Centers work collaboratively to support the mission of providing health care to individuals and families regardless of their ability to pay.

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“PACHC is a hidden gem. Couldn’t imagine functioning in the FQHC arena without them. All levels of our health center applaud PACHC-Board to staff.”
– CEO of PACHC Organizational Member